The New Crib Has Been Decided

And it is…

To be picked up/put together tomorrow. Yes, we went with a full-size. Yes, we have to re-arrange furniture to make it fit. But yes, we like it (and hope we still do when it’s all assembled), and hope the wee man does as well. Pictures to come, of course!



Found these shots (from a visit to NE several months back) while preparing to format an SD card. My old men. And some fresh-picked grass.


Rummaging through his toys…

The little man decided he wanted to pick out his OWN toy. Into the basket he goes.

Please ignore the clothes on the floor and the stained $20 rug. 😉

And, yes, he does tend to eat his books.

Crib Hunting

Well… it’s about time we start searching for a crib for John Henry. From the day we brought him home, we’ve been using this…

A small pack-n-play with a drop-in bassinet from Graco. It’s a wonderful little bed, but with him surpassing the weight limit of the drop-in (15lbs), and now able to stand his little butt up (and risk tumbling out)… it’s time to look for his next bed. We still co-sleep part time (because if he wakes up at 3am, I don’t want to stay up longer than the 10 seconds it takes to get him out of the bassinet and into bed with us. Hey – a mom’s gotta’ sleep!) We can keep using this as needed… but I despise having to reach ALLL the way down into the bottom to lay him down, and the openness of the mesh sides isn’t conducive to all-night sleeping. He likes his bed cozy. 

So… on to the search. We’ve been online-browsing so far, and are actually looking more into the “mini crib” than a full-size. First off, we don’t have a ton of space, and standard cribs are HUGE. Based on measurements, JH would probably be able to sleep quite comfortably in a mini until he’s ready for a “real” bed… at which time, most of the minis convert into twin-size beds anyhow! 

1. DaVinci Mini Emily Crib – $145, Amazon

Not only is this crib my cherry-wood namesake, I really do adore the classic lines of it. 

2. Delta Reiley Mini Crib $170, Walmart

A mini-crib with a classic sleigh style. I’m also a bit partial to the fact that it seems to sit “up” slightly higher… under-bed storage, anyone? 

3. Delta Fold-Away $119, Target

This (I believe) is the crib that my mom chose to have on-hand at the farm for when we come visit. In person, it’s very cute, and quite solidly built. Looks-wise, I prefer our other options, which are more… substantial-looking? 

So far, I’m waffling between 1 & 2, and 3 is still in the running based on economy.

We’ll have to make up our minds soon, for certain. Open to outside opinion!

Several Weeks Late

… But there’s an adorable picture of John Henry from the Keeneland September Sale. Playing in the paddock, taking a break from the excitement while Ian and his friend Caleb visited the simulcasts.

Yeah, I’m All That

Playing In The Yard





The Video

Watching The Game

We have a little NE Football fan on our hands. Which is to be expected, if only based on mama’s homeland.

He’s Up!

Well… once again, our little man took us by surprise! Only days after he decided that he was ready to sit up on his own… he went ahead and pulled himself up to standing on the couch. He wanted his sippy cup, and he wasn’t about to wait for us to hand it to him. 🙂

Luckily, Ian was right there with the cell phone *and* the camera… so we should have some pictures better than this one to share at some point… but I just had to put it in here. After all, it is *the* moment he’s up there, all on his own! *tear*, Our little man is growing up so fast!

And of course, only a few minutes later, he decided he’d had enough of the excitement (and mom’s squealing), and went off in search of crevices between the couch and the wall where he could hide and rummage for loose bits of paper. 😉

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