Guess What I Got??

Here’s a hint…


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I’ll Feed Myself, Thank You



$1 Baby Art

Please pardon the awful picture… my crappy camera is having tons of trouble lately.

I picked up this $1 4×6 frame at The Dollar Tree a little while back. Thinking it was just a bizarrely deep frame. Got it home and removed the placeholder picture, to find it was actually a little shadow box! So, using the $1 frame, some white cardstock we had on hand, double-stick tape, and a pair of Converse Shoe-Socks that he’s outgrown (but I didn’t want to simply pack away), we created some makeshift baby art. This was actually a “test-run” version… but I actually quite like it, and will probably leave it like this for some time. Eventually, I’ll upgrade this little display to a nicer shadow box, and probably have a little horse bridle plate engraved with his name to mount beneath the socks. But for now, it’s adorable. And it fits in beautifully with our frame cluster above the couch.


So peaceful when he’s sleeping…

Using my parents’ DSLR while they were here makes me really ache for one. I can’t wait until ALL of my photos of the little man can be this nice of quality.


Pool Time

Pool? No way.

Too cold. Hot tub? ABSOLUTELY. 😉 No more hot than bath water, really, and tons of fun.

Carseat Naps

Four Roses Distillery

We took a tour of Four Roses Distillery on Sunday. I really enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t such a “cleaned-up” tour… though it’s disappointing not to see the aging/bottling at one facility.

There was a great swing outside the gift shop made out of a barrel. I want one!

Boyd Orchard

My parents and sister are down in Kentucky this weekend for a little visit! 🙂 Saturday afternoon, we headed on out to Boyd’s Orchard for some pumpkins and apple cider slushies (which are probably one of the best things ever created).

The little man looked pretty spiffy in Oma’s sunglasses…

My wonderful mom and little sister…

Playing the beanbag-toss. I’m awful at it. Mom thinks I have astigmatism… all but about 3 of the bags I tossed ended up about 3′ away from the board. I think I’m just awful at the game/throwing. 😉 I quit softball for a reason. Heh! Sorry, Dad!


Oh, how the little man loves snacking on these. Baby Mum Mums. Rice rusk & veggie crackers. Plus, it’s simply adorable watching him feed himself.


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